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This is a FIRST for us here at 50 is the New Mommy.  We were contacted by Josh Moore of Diaper Dads and he wanted to write an article about what essentials to pack in your hospital bag for first-time parents.  I wish I had this information when I packed my hospital bag. It would have saved me a ton of time and saved my poor husband from running back and forth between the hospital and home so many times!  I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did and please make sure to hop over to Josh’s site to read his other articles and give him some love!

Hospital Bag Essentials for First-Time Parents

Guest article written by Josh Moore of

Becoming a first-time parent is an experience that is incomparable to anything else as you come face to face with the precious little gift that is a newborn. That said, you ideally want to be as prepared as possible for your little one’s arrival so that you can really cherish the moment when the time comes. For starters, that means optimizing your home for as much relaxation and positivity as possible so that you can keep your stress levels at a minimum. But that also means having everything packed and ready for when the big day arrives. Here are some tips from 50 is the New Mommy to help you make sure you have your bases covered.

Having Your Documents Prepped and Ready to Go

Of course, one of the first things you’ll have to take care of is the documents and other essentials you’ll need to have prepped and ready to go for when you enter those hospital doors and when you leave such as your health insurance details, your birth preferences, your medical file, and admission documents, etc.

A Phone and Your Charger

There are few of us that don’t require our mobiles to be with us at all times. And this is certainly one of those times that is no different. In fact, you are going to want to have it with you in case of emergencies or to spread the happy news. So be sure to have this packed and ready to go (charger included).

Your Favorite Pillow

There are few things that can make us feel more comfortable sleeping in a new environment than our favorite pillow. So, bring this along to help you get a better night’s rest leading up to your baby’s arrival and after – you’re going to need it.

Essential Toiletries

If your hospital stay is going to be over a few nights, then it’s vital to remember to pack your most essential toiletries so that you can take a refreshing shower to lift your spirits if you are feeling worn out caring for a newborn at all hours of the night.

Keep the Entertainment Coming

Few birth plans go according to schedule. In many cases, the wait can feel like it goes on for hours on end, in which case you’ll need plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied. We’re talking about magazines, movies, podcasts – you name it.

Speaking of movies, a tablet is an excellent alternative to bringing your laptop with you if you want to catch up on your favorite series. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive in comparison to laptops and are bigger than a mobile, so you don’t have to struggle to see the screen as much. Also, they’re convenient to use to check up on daily emails or to have a quick browse online if you’re searching for something specific.

Extra Clothing and Basic Baby Supplies

Of course, you’ll want to pack extra clothing, and comfortable clothing at that, if you are going to stay over longer than planned. Also, don’t forget about including some flip-flops (for the shower) and comfortable slippers in your luggage for when you want to slip into the nursery to gaze at your precious newborn. You should also invest in some comfortable maternity underwear and reusable organic breast pads, as your body will be changing in new ways. Once your baby is born, you will begin to lactate, and many women find that their breasts leak in between feedings. These washable pads can be a life- and shirt-saver!

As you stock up on some of these essential supplies, check with your insurance to see what they cover. Many plans will cover items like compression garments, prenatal vitamins, and breast pumps. If you don’t have insurance, you should consider finding an affordable policy through your state. The Affordable Care Act prompted states to create their own budget-friendly options, so look into getting yours before the baby arrives.

Then you’ll also want to pack your baby’s essentials such as a few newborn outfits, plenty of diapers, wet wipes, a few pacifier styles, baby blankets, a hat, and booties to keep your newborn as snug as a bug in a rug. Also, Baby Gear Essentials reminds you to pack that all-important car seat so that you can strap them in safely when it’s time to go.

Prepare When You Can and Enjoy the Ride

Indeed, welcoming a new life into the world is sure to be one of the most unforgettable experiences, which can only be made better if you have all you need to capture and remember all those sweet once-in-a-lifetime moments. Use these helpful tips to create your “go bag” so that you’ll be ready to enjoy the next step in your journey into motherhood.

Every mom’s journey is different. If you’re interested in hearing about my motherhood journey that began a little later than I had expected, visit 50 is the New Mommy!

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