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Becoming a Mom at 50
Meg and her twins


You did everything you were supposed to do. You tracked your ovulation, had sex during your most fertile time and laid on the floor with your legs up against the wall so that you would become pregnant. It didn’t work. You got frustrated every month when you peed on the sick and saw the negative symbol on the pregnancy test. Women are having babies in their late 30’s, and even late 40’s these days, so what’s the problem?

Unfortunately for many women, they have waited to start their families because they have been busy living their lives, building their careers, finding the right man to start a family with or wanting to be more financially stable. Waiting may be the only problem. You aren’t old, but your eggs may be. According to Babycentre, “Your chance of conceiving quickly does depend on your age. Women are most fertile between the ages of 20 and 24 (Utting and Bewley 2011). It can take much longer to get pregnant when you hit your late 30s or early 40s. You may have problems conceiving at all.”

I don’t tell you this to discourage you, just tell you the facts. If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and have been to see a fertility doctor and your eggs are viable, you may want to consider having them retrieved and frozen (stored) for a later time.  If this isn’t an option for you but you’d like to learn more about how my husband and I made our dream of parenthood a reality, please keep reading…

My name is Meg and I am married to Steve. We have been married for the past 5 years but have been together for 11 years, living together for 10. Before meeting Steve and knowing after our first date that he was the “one” for me, I was divorced and had dated a lot of not right for me guys between getting divorced and meeting Steve. I knew that Steve wanted a family and I worried that I wasn’t right for him because of my age and the fact that I believed I couldn’t have kids at my age. We talked about this before we got married and he said he was OK with “however” our family looked, just us, with or without kids; however our family turned out was fine with him. My dream of being a mom hadn’t completely died because I thought it wasn’t possible, it was just on hold until the fall of 2017.

In this blog, I plan to document our IVF with donor eggs journey from start to finish. I may also post some of my DIY projects, skin care tips, and gluten-free recipes, or talk about trips we take. We love to travel and plan to travel with our kiddo’s in tow often. I love & live all of these things daily and plan to share them on the blog with all of you. See more about this and me in 10 Interesting things you don’t know about me.

As far as becoming a mommy, I lived the IVF track starting in October of 2017 and it was a long, emotional road, but I can honestly say, my experience has been more positive than negative. My doctor was very compassionate and empathetic. I felt very close to her and I trust her with my body and the future life of my child or children. I knew this was just the start.  There were days that weren’t so fantastic, but I was hopeful, see the joy in the experience and am open to what is meant to be.

Thank you for following along. Here’s the stats: 

I was pregnant at 49 via IVF with donor eggs, delivered six week premature fraternal twin boys (who are 18 months old, healthy and happy bundles of joy!)  after a six week hospital stay due to preeclampsia and, turned 50 six weeks after the twins were born.  Hence the name of the blog.  

I hope to inspire other women who may have thought their ship had sailed and they couldn’t become a mommy because they are too old. I’m proof that isn’t true and am here to share our story, our new life with twins and the ups and downs including the struggles and joy that all of this entails!




Follow along as I become a Mommy at 50!

As a twin mom of 3-year-old boy toddlers, toys can quickly take over every room. To keep the toys at bay (twins – think two of everything) we have designated areas and pieces of furniture for toy storage. For example, in our family room, we use a hinged, soft close, tufted fabric ottoman as a toy box and coffee table. Once the day is done, the toys are stored away in the ottoman and we simply place a cute tray on it to use as our coffee table. Perfect for drinks and the remote. – 50 is the New Mommy