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My Deferred Dream

I always had the dream that I would be a mom.  When I was a little girl, I would play house with my dolls and stuffed animals. I pretended that my dolls and stuffed animals were my babies and I was their mommy.  I loved playing house and pretending that I was the Mom and my only job was to take care of my babies. This dream goes back as far as I can remember. I didn’t really think it was a dream at that time, but rather what my reality would be…some day.


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Diaper Dads

Once again, we are honored to publish another great article written by Josh Moore of Diaper Dads. We love his perspective and writing style. Please check out his latest article and leave a comment if you can relate to it or have any Networking tips for the...

Baby Steps to Big Leagues: Networking Tips for Professional New Moms

Baby Steps to Big Leagues: Networking Tips for Professional New Moms

Being a new mom need not mean the sidelining of your professional growth. By adopting these strategic networking tips, such as creating your own networking event with digital invitations, new mothers can sustain their professional networks even while tackling the challenges of motherhood. A balanced approach to networking and parenting can lead to not only personal and career advancement, but also a richer, more fulfilling journey of motherhood. Networking, in this context, becomes a powerful tool that ensures the seamless integration of the roles of a professional and a mother.