Waiting for the pregnancy test results

Waiting is so hard!  From our transfer day, we will wait nine days until I go in to have a blood test to see if the transfer was successful or not.  I am definitely going a little stir crazy waiting and I have to admit, I have taken an at home pregnancy test. The result was inconclusive, so that was a waste of time and money and made me feel even more anxious.

I’m keeping myself busy meditating, pulling Oracle cards (I will elaborate more on how I use Oracle cards in my daily life and why I love them) and organizing my life a bit.  Patience is not my forte. I’m doing my best to have faith and know the Universe and my higher power always takes care of me and has my best interest at heart. So until I get the call, after I have the blood test, I will do my best to have faith, stay calm and believe that it’s meant to be for me to become a mom and for us to become a family!