Success! Positive pregnancy test

We arrived at the fertility center at 9:30 am.  Steve went with me. The blood test took all of about 5 minutes for me to check in, be called back, have my blood drawn and then check out.  We left the fertility center and then went about our morning running errands. Our nine-day blood test landed on a Saturday, so I’m super happy that Steve was able to go with me.  That helped keep me calm and centered. Inside, I was going crazy. I know it’s only a few more hours of waiting, but it felt like a lifetime.

I have prepared myself for the results, either way, they end up being.  If I’m not pregnant, that’s ok, we will try again in six weeks. I know in my heart that I did everything in my power to make this be a successful transfer, but if it’s not meant to be right now, then I will leave it to my higher power to guide me for the next time!  If it is positive and I AM Pregnant, I will be so happy! Beyond happy! I will do a dance of joy and happiness and be so excited for what is to come.

Fast forward 3 and ½ hours later.  Our errands are already done, it’s a super hot day out (July in Colorado can be really hot) and I’m craving an ice cream.  We are stopping to get ice cream and have just sat down to eat it when the phone rings. I say to Steve, “Oh my gosh, it’s them!”  He smiles and says, “Answer it!”. I’m super nervous.  I answer it, and the first thing the nurse says to me is, “Congratulations Meg, you are really, really pregnant!”.  I sigh a huge sigh of relief and ask what does “really, really” mean? She replies, “it means your HCG levels are really high and that’s a good thing.”.  She went on to tell me a few other things and tell me when I need to schedule my first ultrasound, etc… I hang up and am smiling from ear to ear! We finish our ice cream and go home.  We are actually exhausted from the anticipation, so we call our families and a few very close friends to tell them to news and then we took a nap!

We are so excited to be expecting and will continue to document how the baby or babies are doing and how I’m feeling as we start this crazy journey into parenthood.  

I did have a brief moment of sadness after the euphoria wore off a bit. I thought of all of the other women who had embryo transfers on the same day that we had ours and thought of those who may not have gotten the same result that we did.  I saw so many other women being wheeled out as I was going in to have our transfer done on our transfer day. I really hope all of those women got the same great news that we did, but I know that isn’t realistic. So I had a moment of silence for those other moms-to-be who may not be getting the result they were hoping for this time.  I sent them love and light to help them process the sadness and heal some before they try again or go in a different direction.  

For today, we are thrilled to announce that we are pregnant and our due date is March 24, 2019.  Just about three weeks before I turn 50. So my dream of being a mom before I turn 50 is coming true. I’m so excited to share this journey with all of you! Thank you for your support and for following our journey. I hope I can be an inspiration to you or someone you know who has thrown in the towel or thinks their dream of becoming a mom has passed them by.  Maybe there’s another way to become a mom that you or your friend hasn’t thought of?!