This morning I had my second lining check.  I was super anxious before going to this appointment.  At my last visit, my lining wasn’t thick enough and they told me that if it doesn’t get thicker we may have to postpone the transfer date.  I’ve already schedule my time off from work and Steve has taken time off to take care of me while I’m on bed rest.  The thought of having to postpone or reschedule the transfer date makes me so sad.  Instead of getting upset about it, especially since it’s out of my control, I am just trusting. I’m trusting the Universe, my higher power, my faith and that what’s mean to be will be.  Even with these thoughts and beliefs, I am still strongly hoping that this visit will have a much better outcome. 

After this visit, It turns out that my lining still isn’t where my doctor wants it to be. It measured at 6.5mm triple today. They want it to be 8.0 mm triple.  In order to stay on track and be able to keep the 7/5/18 transfer date, my lining needs to thicken up quick like. So…starting today, I am adding Estrace vaginally 3 times a day.  I’ve never had to put anything up into my vagina before (pills that is), so this will be interesting. I’m working late tonight, so I’ll insert my first pill tonight when I get home and then get on the 3x a day schedule, with 4 Estradiol patches and another Estrace pill taken orally.  Come on lining! You can do this!  More to come on the schedule of pills, patches, suppositories and shots in another post.  The process of getting my body ready to be pregnant is a scientific amazement and I’ll explain that in detail soon.  

My next lining check is scheduled for Friday morning (3 days from today).  I’m hoping for a much higher number then and keep thinking “Shots=Babies=Love”!


Hormone/Estrogen patches