Transferred Embryos

Actual Embryos being transferred

Our embryo transfer day is here! To prepare for today, a couple of days ago I had some energy work done to clear my chakras and any negative or blocked energy that I may have and could prevent our embryos from implanting. I have had energy work done in the past but honestly, I didn’t really feel it. This time, I definitely felt it. It’s amazing how as my friend’s hand was hovering over each of my chakras, I felt the release of blocked energy. I especially felt it in my belly or my base chakra.

I was laying there, my belly was hard as a rock and I couldn’t take any deep breaths. As my friend’s hands stayed hovering over my belly, I felt an incredible release and all of a sudden, I was taking a deep breath and my stomach was soft to the touch again. I went home and felt a bit drained, but I believe this treatment was a huge benefit to aid in the success of our transfer day.

Today, we arrived at the Fertility center at 11:30 am. Upon arrival, I was given a valium. I’ve never taken a valium before. It’s pretty amazing. I am so relaxed, nothing is going to phase me today!

Once the valium kicked in, I had my first of two acupuncture treatments. I’ve had acupuncture before for my back pain but was pleasantly surprised that our center offers it to aid with embryo implantation. I’m willing to try anything that will help make those embryo’s implant! A valium and two acupuncture treatments later, I feel like all is good in th world.  Nothing is going to phase me today!

We’re home now and I’ve been ordered to relax and stay at a 45% angle for the rest of today and all day tomorrow. Back to normal life with some lifting restrictions after that. Then we get to wait nine days to have a blood test that will confirm if the embryo’s implanted or not. We transferred two embryos to increase the chances of success. So fingers crossed that all of my prep and following doctors orders give us the outcome we are hoping for!