Our donor is anonymous, and she is a beautiful person for donating her eggs to us.  We wrote her a heartfelt card and left a beautiful gift for her at the fertility center on the day of her egg retrieval.  To be an egg donor isn’t just about getting paid to donate your eggs. I truly believe that you have to have more motivation than just the money to be a donor.  To be a donor you have to be stimulated (which means you are taking different hormone meds and giving yourself shots for about 4 to 6 weeks before your eggs are surgically retrieved).  It can be painful and there is definitely a huge time commitment on the part of the donor. Honestly, I’m not sure I would have gone through all of this for a complete stranger even though there is compensation involved.  

How do you thank a stranger that doesn’t know you but is willing to give you part of herself to help you have a family?  Words really couldn’t convey our gratitude. If I was able to meet her, I would have given her the biggest hug possible! I’m sure tears would have ensued shortly after meeting her! I’m super emotional normally, but even more so since I’ve started on all of the hormones.  More on this in a later post, with a video or two…

I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I dreamed about it as a little girl.  I thought my ship had sailed and had come to accept this as my new reality.  I am more than thrilled to now know that I am able to change that reality with the help of our lovely anonymous donor.

I’m so excited to be going through this fertility and parenting journey with Steve.  We are going to work hard to be the best parents we can be and to love our kids unconditionally but not spoil the crap out of them.  One of my main goals of becoming a new mom is to raise kind and socially aware children. I want my children to be kind, compassionate and empathetic. I want them to think of ways to make the world a better place to live in & then act on those thoughts.  I will lead by example and be a role model to them in these areas to the best of my ability. Kindness, compassion, and empathy come easy to me and are part of my core values and desires. Living these values won’t be hard for me, it’s making time to act on these and give back to the world that I want to do more of.