Nap Time DIY Series
Here’s another great project completed during naptime!

Family Heirloom Hutch Before

I love to re-use, re-purpose, and re-do furniture! I’ve never painted a piece with Chalk paint before. I wanted to, but I thought it would take a lot of time that I just don’t have right now. You can imagine my surprise and overall feeling of complete gratification when my friend, Donna, recently visited and offered to not only help me but show me how to do it! Check out my family heirloom updated with Chalk paint!

The piece of furniture we chalk painted is a family heirloom. I don’t know exactly how many years, but I’m thinking at least 40 or 50. My grandfather actually made this piece of furniture at the furniture company he worked at. It has a table and four chairs to match, but that particular piece was lost about 20 years ago in one of my many moves. Remember, I’m a Navy Brat, so I used to move a lot. And…when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I lived in 17 places over a ten year period in my 20’s. I have finally settled down and am loving it! Excuse my off-track moment, but I wanted you to understand the true meaning behind the word move for me. I always keep the hutch with every move because it provides storage, no matter the size of my living space.

The furniture company my Grandfather worked at was, Fancher Furniture Co., Inc. Fancher Furniture was created in 1911 and operated until 1997 with the company being formally dissolved in 2003. Unfortunately, Fancher Furniture never really thrived, but they did offer my Grandfather a job that he loved and walked to for many years. I think my grandfather would be impressed with how my family heirloom hutch updated with Chalk paint turned out!

The Hutch that my Grandfather made before I updated it with Chalk paint!
Bottom of hutch before!
Before top of hutch

Products we used on my Family Heirloom Hutch update

I usually have a couple of ACE coupons on hand. You know the “Ace is the Place” Hardware store. Call to make sure they have what you need before you head out. With the pandemic, lots of people are updating their homes inside and out. You could go to a hardware store only to be disappointed that they are out of stock of what you went for. So…before we got started, I called to check. They had what we needed in stock. We headed there straight away to buy a small can of chalk paint. I already had sandpaper and the wax we needed. I also wanted to get a couple of new drawer pulls, so I took the old drawer pulls off and measured (before leaving for Ace) so that I could get the right size of pulls while we were there.

Things we had to buy:

  1. A 30 oz can of Rust-Oleum chalked paint in Serenity Blue
  2. An 80 grit coarse sanding block
  3. Two new drawer pulls cost about $3.00 each. I already had nice knobs for the doors, so I just re-used those.

Things I had on hand:

  • Three different sized paint brushes
  • A couple of pieces of cheesecloth
  • A Shamy
  • A can of clear chalk paint wax – I bought this a year or so ago and it was still good, so we used it.

How much did it cost?

The cost for this entire project was only about $33 with tax. I did already have some of the stuff we needed to use at home though. If you don’t have everything needed to complete the project, you may have to spend a little bit more.

It took us two separate nap times to finish the project with drying time, waxing time and decorating time. So in total time spent, it probably took us a total of about 3.5 hours from prep to completion. It was super fun to do this with my dear friend. We talked and laughed while we both worked on the piece. She showed me how much fun this can be. Now I want to paint at least three more pieces of furniture in my house. I’m thinking of how I can maybe find free furniture to paint and then try to sell or give away down the road. My friend may have created a chalk painting monster! Ha!

It really was easy to update my family heirloom hutch!

I’ve talked about how easy it was, so let me tell you the step by step easy way we did this. If you want to run out to your local Ace Hardware store this weekend to buy what you need, you’ll know what to pick up ! 🏃

After full hutch with the new drawer pulls and knobs for the doors that I already had on hand.

Step by Step how to update your family heirloom piece

  1. First, we took everything out and off of the cabinet. Then we moved it (it’s two pieces, so moving it was easier than it looks) to the sunroom. We put both pieces on a clear plastic shower curtain that I had in the garage. I’m not sure why I had that clear plastic shower curtain in a tool drawer in my garage, but I’m sure glad I did!
  2. Once the piece was separated and there was enough room between the now two pieces, we used a clean damp Shamy and cleaned the piece really well. I even took some Q-tips and cleaned in between the dental detail on the front of the cabinet. I was sure to get all of the dust off. I knew it wouldn’t look good if we just painted over the dust!
  3. When it was completely clean, we each started painting. You really can’t mess it up. You just paint with even strokes and try not to paint too thickly. If you don’t apply enough the first time, you can just go over it again when it’s dry. Chalk paint dry’s pretty fast, especially here in Colorado where the climate is really dry.

We kept our strokes light and airy

  1. We wanted the final result to be a little distressed looking. We ended up only doing one coat of paint on the entire piece except for the back of the top piece that the shelves are in front of. That part of the piece is more like paneling, so it is coarser than the wood of the cabinet. I ended up needing to put another coat on the paneling part and then when it was dry, sanding a little off in the grooves.
  2. When the piece was completely dry, we went around and roughed it up a bit. By “roughed it up” I mean we sanded some of the edges and around the detail areas. It shows the wood through and I love the look. Then we cleaned the dust from sanding with another clean damp Shamy.

Wax goes a long way

  1. After the piece was completely dry and clean, we used the clean cheesecloth to apply an even coat of the finishing wax to the top and the shelves. We didn’t wax the entire piece, just the parts that I would be dusting or wiping down often. The wax gives it a shine and smoother finish. A little bit of wax goes a long way too!
  2. Finally, we installed the new drawer pulls and the old doorknobs again. We moved it back inside. Loaded it back up with the stuff that was inside before we started but organized the contents a bit more and then decorated the shelves.

I re-did this on a 1950’s China hutch, but you can use the steps above to basically Chalk paint any piece of wood furniture that you have on hand or may pick up miraculously after reading this.

After decorated hutch. I LOVE it!

Don’t just take my word for it

If you are more visual and like to see how something is done rather than reading about it, check out this great video I found from DIY Deanna on YouTube. Deanna shows how easy it is to Chalk Paint furniture on her channel. It really is soooo easy!

The feelings around the final outcome of my family heirloom hutch update project!

I have such feelings of satisfaction, pride, and love around this project. I love how it turned out. I love that my friend was excited and on board to help me with this project during her visit. I love the quality time we got to spend together doing this project. I love that we both really enjoyed doing this together. I love that we now have one more thing in common to talk about when we visit or just have a phone catch up! I love that we were able to update a piece that has been in my family for years and now will continue to live on for years and years to come. I feel that my grandfather would be very proud of me and love the way I updated my family heirloom. I’m sure he’s smiling down on me for this one!

What would you like to chalk paint in your house? Leave me a note in the comments or better yet…take a before and after photo of the piece, you update with chalk paint. I’d love to see your before and after projects!